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 1W Colston

Item (WxLxH) Cubes Shipping(WxLxH) Description
1W Colston Nightstand 18"x32"x30" 14 1W COLSTON: Nightstand (MFG#: 1W-Q8-81)
1W Colston Dresser 19"x70"x40" 40 1W COLSTON: Dresser (MFG#: 1W-Q8-82)
1W Colston Mirror 4"x49"x41" 8 1W COLSTON: Mirror (MFG#: 1W-Q8-83)
1W Colston Chest 19"x42"x56" 34 1W COLSTON: Chest (MFG#: 1W-Q8-84)
1W Colston Queen Bed Complete 81"x70"x66" 35 1W COLSTON COMPLETE QUEEN BED (HB, FB, R, S)
1W Colston King Bed Complete 81"x86"x66" 41 1W COLSTON COMPLETE KING BED (HB, FB, R, S)
1W Colston Queen Complete Group - - 1W COLSTON COMPLETE QUEEN GROUP (QB, D, M, C)
Weight (lbs): -
Category: Bedrooms
Preferred Vendor: Modus Furniture
New Arrivals: Yes
Simon Li:
Item Visibility: Exclusive
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