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Item (WxLxH) Weight (lbs) Cubes Description Photos
M117-31R-07-AA0J-02 Vanilla Ice L44" W39" H42" 166 49 M117 Power Glider Recliner with Power Headrest in Longhorn Vanilla Ice (AA0J)
M117-34H-07-AA0J-02 Vanilla Ice L92" W41" H40" 330 64 M117 Power Sofa in Longhorn Vanilla Ice (AA0J)
M117-3BX-07-AA0J-02 Vanilla Ice L80" W41" H40" 297 64 M117 Power Console Loveseat in Longhorn Vanilla Ice (AA0J)
Carton(s): 1
Category: Living Room - Motion
Vendor: Simon Li
New Arrivals: New Arrivals
Cheers Man Wah:
Simon Li: Express
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