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 JX600 Brandywine

Item (WxLxH) Cubes Shipping(WxLxH) Description
JX600 4PC Queen Bedroom Group 98.2 JX600 Brandywine 4PC Bedroom Group (QB, D, M, C)
JX600 King Bed 4" x 83" x 64" 36.4 JX600 Brandywine King Bed with Storage in Smoky Walnut (MFG#: JX600KF, JX600KH, JX600QKR, JX600QKS)
JX600 Queen Bed 4" x 67" x 64" 32.5 JX600 Brandywine Queen Bed with Storage in Smoky Walnut (MFG#: JX600QF, JX600QH, JX600QKR, JX600QKS)
JX600CH 18" x 38" x 54" 27.5 JX600 Brandywine Chest in Smoky Walnut (MFG#: JX600CH)
JX600DR 18" x 62" x 40" 33.1 JX600 Brandywine Dresser in Smoky Walnut (MFG#: JX600DR)
JX600MR 2" x 44" x 40" 5.1 JX600 Brandywine Mirror in Smoky Walnut (MFG#: JX600MR)
JX600NS 17" x 28" x 29" 11.3 JX600 Brandywine Nightstand in Smoky Walnut (MFG#: JX600NS)
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Category: Bedrooms
Vendor: Elements
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