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 3740 Levitate Living Room

Item (WxLxH) Weight (lbs) Cubes Shipping(WxLxH) Description Photos
3740 Reclining Sofa 42"x89"x41" 296 88.7 3740 LEVITATE: Power Sofa with Power Headrest in Nickel (MFG# 3740-P62N)
3740 Reclining Loveseat 42"x78"x41" 281 77.7 3740 LEVITATE: Power Loveseat with Power Headrest and Console in Nickel (MFG# 3740-PC42N)
3740 Wallsaver Recliner 42"x44"41" 267 43.8 3740 LEVITIATE: Wallsaver Recliner with Power Headrest in Nickel (MFG#: 3740-P0N)
Surcharge: Not Applicable
Category: Living Room - Motion
Vendor: Bassett Furniture
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