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 59933 Keystone - Brown

Item (WxLxH) Cubes Shipping(WxLxH) Description
59933 (SECT) BROWN LAF Console Loveseat 68"x38"x39.25" 29.78 N/A 59933 KEYSTONE: Reclining Console Loveseat in Keystone Brown (MFG# 59933-054-2X)
59933 (SECT) BROWN RAF Loveseat 68"x38"x39.25" 24.27 N/A 59933 KEYSTONE: Reclining Loveseat in Keystone Brown (MFG# 59933-055-2X)
59933 (SECT) BROWN Wedge 68"x38"x39.25" 27.24 N/A 59933 KEYSTONE: Wedge in Keystone Brown (MFG# 59933-040-2X)
59933 Keystone Brown Sectional COMPLETE N/A 59933 KEYSTONE: Complete Brown Sectional (LAF, W, RAF)
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Category: Living Room - Motion
Preferred Vendor: United Simmons - Lane
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