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 3F Yukon Ridge

Item (WxLxH) Weight (lbs) Cubes Shipping(WxLxH) Description Photos
3F Yukon Ridge Chest 38”x19”x56 64 28 38x19x56 3F-41-84 Meadow Chest
3F Yukon Ridge Dresser 66”x19”x36” 76 33 66x19x36 3F-41-82 Meadow Dresser
3F Yukon Ridge Mirror 48”x2”x38” 22 4 48x2x38 3F-41-83 Meadow Mirror
3F Yukon Ridge Queen Bed - 21 N/A 3F QUEEN BED COMPLETE (HB, FB, R/S)
3F Yukon Ridge Nightstand 27"x25"x18 30 9 N/A 3F YUKON RIDGE: Nightstand (MFG#: 3F-41-81)
3F Yukon Ridge Queen Complete Group - - - N/A 3F Yukon Ridge Queen Complete Group (QB, D, M, C)
Category: Bedrooms
Preferred Vendor: Modus Furniture
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Item Visibility: Exclusive
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